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Welcome to Music Support: The Roots

Here we will celebrate the amazing people who have chosen to raise funds for us to help us to continue our crucial efforts in providing support to our peers who work in music and live events impacted by mental ill-health and/or addiction.

Below you will find a selection of stories from our grass roots legends on why they chose to raise funds for Music Support and what they did, ranging from organising a live music show to taking on a three-peak challenge and even crossing a desert on a monkey bike!

We’d love to hear from you if you have raised funds for us and
would like to be added to our Music Support: The Roots Hall of Fame…

Have you raised funds for us?

Please contact providing the following information:

  • Why did you choose to raise funds for Music Support? (no more than 200 words)
  • Please provide us with some details of the fundraising activity (along with any memorable moments if relevant) (no more than 200 words)
  • How much did you raise? (please provide us with proof of funds raised e.g. a link to your fundraising page)
  • Please provide up to 5 x images and/or videos that you’d like to share with us to help illustrate your story

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

TicketSellers: Miles for Mental Health

In our line of work, we team up with Event Managers, the unsung heroes behind the scenes of the best UK festivals. These guys are the backbone of events, juggling crazy logistics and high expectations to pull off flawless events.

Tom Pitts: Amsterdam to Bilbao

I decided to raise funds for Music Support because I felt I needed to give back to the service that was crucial in turning my life around. 

Pearce Hire and the Three Peaks

“Opting to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge to raise funds for this amazing charity is our way of backing the impactful work they’re doing. Moreover, it’s a way to shout out in our community that no one is navigating these challenges alone.”

Nick Hinman’s song for CJ

“Earlier this year, I decided to release a song I wrote about my best friend who took his own life in 2013. Like with most artist releases, you get your finished assets together, submit your song, then play a show to promote it. Because of the subject matter, however, and the heavy weight that it carried in me, I felt like something was missing in the formula….”

Alex Huggins' Monkey Run

“I chose to raise money for music support because, as a member of the touring community, a charity that is able to provide support to touring individuals, for mental health and addiction issues is amazing and very close to my heart. After seeing friends and colleagues go through addiction with no support, I wanted to help a charity that can provide that support to other individuals in that situation. Also, I chose Music Support because I hoped it would raise awareness of them and what they can offer as a charity.” 


If you are inspired by any of these stories and would like to fundraise for Music Support, we’d be incredibly grateful for your support. One of the safest and easiest ways to collect sponsorship money is online. We recommend setting up a Justgiving fundraising page. 

All you need to do is click on this link and the ‘Fundraise for us’ box and follow the instructions to set up your page.

Please feel free to download and use these images on your Justgiving page.

Some copy you can include for your fundraising page to explain what Music Support does and how important our work is:

Music Support is a UK charity that helps anyone who works in music and live events impacted by mental ill-health and/or addiction. Founded in 2016 by people from within the music industry, their team have all been impacted personally by these issues and seen friends, colleagues and heroes lose their careers, families and even their lives. 

Their core services include training in Mental Health First Aid and Addiction and Recovery Awareness to empower individuals to look after the wellbeing of their colleagues (and themselves), Support Services to include a confidential Helpline and provision of assessments and treatment, ‘Safe Hubs’ backstage at festivals, providing a space for artists and crew to take time out and speak to Mental Health First Aid trained staff and their new Family and Friends Service, designed to help loved ones (including colleagues) of those supporting someone with mental ill-health, problematic drinking, drug use or other addictions.

The Music Industry was hit hard by the pandemic and cost of living crisis with the way back still uncertain for many. The demand on Music Support’s services has increased significantly and sees the charity currently supporting the highest number of beneficiaries since their inception (which could be anything from answering a suicidal Helpline call to providing funding for rehab and long term after care). 

In Summer 2023, Music Support carried out wellbeing surveys at UK festivals speaking to artists and crew with key takeouts including 75% of people claiming to feeling ‘down or depressed’ in the last 12 months, 63% suffering ‘low self-confidence’ and a worrying 18% claiming to have experienced ‘suicidal thoughts’. 89% saw it as either extremely or very important for services such as Music Support to be available which is why the charity relies upon our support to continue their crucial work.

How funds raised are used:


Could help us answer a call that could save someone’s life.


Could contribute towards the cost of a clinical assessment to determine the treatment required for a beneficiary in crisis.

Mental Health Icon


Could contribute towards a bursary so that Music Support can provide free mental health or addiction and recovery training to an industry freelancer.


Could contribute towards the cost of a ‘Safe Hub’ backstage at festivals offering instant crisis support to artists and crew.


Could contribute towards a beneficiary’s detox and/or residential treatment, starting their journey into recovery and providing hope for the future.

What have our beneficiaries said about Music Support?

Read more beneficiary testimonials here

Some ideas for fundraisers:

Take on a sporting challenge

Climb a mountain, run a marathon or commit to walking / running 5k or 10k (or more!) steps a day for a period of time. These can all be great to do by yourself or with a group of colleagues / friends.

Organise a music show

Ask people to make a donation either to attend or on the night. We recommend checking out Ticketpass, the ethical ticketing platform that donates 50% of their fee to your chosen charity. 

Music Support: The Jam

A twist on the traditional coffee morning with live music and/or DJ’s in your office. Serve tea & coffee with toast and jam or tea and scones with jam, soundtracked by your favourite tunes. Guests could be invited to make a donation to your fundraising page to attend.