Caoimhe O'Connell

Music & Youth Worker

"During lockdown it has not always been possible to get the emotional support that I would normally get from friends."

Kayleigh McLaughlan

Label Manager, Limbo Records

"Learning about mental health is not something that you should ever stop educating yourself about."


Electric Six

“While I know I certainly can’t blame music for my drinking habits, all of my addictions got worse being in an accelerated musical environment."


Guitar Tech

"My recovery is ongoing but has undoubtedly changed my life; from my physical and mental health to my friendships, and my career. It’s can be a rough ride at times, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”



"Charities such as Music Support can play a vital role in making that help, those avenues of escape, more readily visible and available so that people can turn to them if they need."


Music Support Trustee & Tour Manager

"When I was touring and also at my lowest ebb, I didn’t know where to turn. But that’s why I wanted to get something like Music Support going. It is somewhere that people who do what we do, can talk to their peers who have been there, done that, and know the pressures intimately"


Music Support Trustee and Ex-Artist Manager

"Being clean and sober in this industry has its challenges, but it is most definitely possible, and makes the work seem even more rewarding. There are more of us than you might imagine, in every area of the industry. There is a great support network which is just getting stronger"