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We are pleased to share a series of inspirational webinars and interviews covering a wide range of topics from understanding addiction and supporting recovery to social isolation, coping with change, returning to the touring world post-covid and the importance of Mental Health First Aid for our industry. These engaging conversations feature Music Support’s core team, industry experts, artists, crew and our beneficiaries. 

If you are triggered by any of the topics discussed, please visit our Helpline page for details of our confidential Helpline and further resources.

Daudi's Story

Daudi’s story explores a musician’s experience of living with bipolar, psychosis and depression. 

Phil's Story

Phil, a musician who reached out to Music Support for help with his addiction challenges, shares the journey we went on with him to turn his life around.

Mental Health First Aid and the Music Industry

Music Support’s Norman Beecher is joined by Matt Bagshaw of Festivall Services and Natalie Wiits from the Musicians’ Union to talk about why they decided to become Mental Health First Aiders with Music Support and the impact it has had on their lives, both professionally and personally.

Understanding Addiction & Supporting Recovery

Music Support’s Hannah Brinley is joined by Jamie Reynolds (multi-award-winning musician and co-founder of indie rock band, Klaxons) and Ronnie Traynor (Music Consultant) to discuss their experiences of addiction and how it has impacted their lives both professionally and personally 

Tales from the Tour Bus

Music Support’s George Levers speaks to artists and crew about the highs and lows of returning to the touring world post-covid

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One for the Road with Sober Dave

Music Support co-founder, Andy Franks, joins Dave ‘Sober Dave’ Wilson as a guest on his acclaimed ‘One for the Road’ podcast, sharing his journey with addiction and how it inspired him to establish Music Support

One for the road - podcast cover featuring a cartoon face of Sober Dave with a mic

Addiction and Supporting Recovery discussion

Join Music Support’s Norman Beecher and a panel of industry guests who share their experiences of addiction as part of Addiction Awareness Week 2022.

Music Support: Back to the Field

We speak to artists and crew backstage at Download Festival 2022 about what it’s been like returning to the field post-covid and how they look after themselves when they’re on the road. 

Josh and Mark’s Perfect Fifth

As part of Music Support’s 5th birthday celebrations, You Me at Six front man Josh Franceschi and Music Support co-founder Mark Richardson come together to share five images that represent huge highlights in their careers (where things are not always as they seem)

Perfect Fifth: Caoimhe’s story

As part of Music Support’s 5th birthday celebrations, Music Support volunteer and founder of the Roadie Cookbook, Kel Murray, meets Caoimhe from the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast who shares her experience of becoming a Mental Health First Aider with Music Support.  

Perfect Fifth: Joanne’s story

As part of Music Support’s 5th birthday celebrations, Music Support patron Tim Clark, co-founder of ie:music meets Joanne who overcame her own challenges with addiction to become one of Music Support’s first volunteers, impacting the lives of many industry peers along the way.

Perfect Fifth: Cam’s story

As part of Music Support’s 5th birthday celebrations, Music Support co-founder Andy Franks meets Cam, guitar and drum tech who sent a late night email to Music Support that began his road to recovery from alcohol addiction.

Women in Isolation

Our all-female panel discussed how they have (or in some cases have not) felt isolated as a woman in the music industry, how the global pandemic has heightened their sense of isolation and how they have coped with it, including the importance of staying connected and exercising body and mind.

Addiction and Supporting Recovery

Coinciding with the end of Dry January, Music Support co-founder, Mark Richardson, leads an open and honest discussion surrounding addiction and substance misuse in the music industry including how to spot it and take care of it as well as demystifying the 12 Step Programme and supporting those who lead sober / sober-curious lifestyles.

Coping with Change

Hosted by Music Support co-founder, Matt Thomas, our all-male panel address feelings of being left behind, unable to move on or accept life how it is now. Touching on workaholism in the music business, the effects of life change, the pandemic and the tools to effectively cope.