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If you work in music and/or live events and are struggling with mental health or addiction challenges, you are not alone. Music Support is here for you. We are so thankful to our beneficiaries for sharing their experiences of reaching out to us for help. 

“I have been trying to get my son help for the last six years. What you have done in the last two weeks is more than anyone has ever done for us. We can’t thank you enough.” 

“Very grateful to be clean and sober today and very grateful for all of your help and the help of Music Support. Thank you!” 

Music Support literally saved my life - they spoke with hospital staff when I was on the edge of suicide and stressed the importance of my case. Things are much better now, I’m nine months sober and have the tools to live my life fully.”
I just want to say you have been so incredible through this journey, thank you so much. You don’t know me and didn’t need to help in the way you did, but in a dark time, you were a constant non-judging support and I feel so grateful to you."
I was at a bad place and didn't know who to call. I am glad the lady who picked up said the right things, held space for me just the way I needed. I gained advice, clarity, and could take the next best possible step.”
The music industry can be full of drama and mind games. People on either side of the mixing desk can feel lost, emotionally drained and soulless. I called Music Support's Helpline when things got too much. Good people there listened to me and helped me in ways I hadn’t even thought possible.”

“The person who handled all my calls was very skilled and knowledgeable about mental health and gave me fantastic support. It was amazing to have them to call whenever I needed them. They were always 100% behind me and a very solid presence during a terribly disturbing time.”

“Music Support never gave up; my son is now in rehab and working on his recovery. They have been pivitol in helping to secure the funding, resulting in my son now receiving the intensive treatment he needs to help him overcome his addiction and underlying mental health issues.” 


“Music Support has helped me in the last few months. I have spoken to a lovely lady on the phone regularly in that time. She has been instrumental in helping me through the challenges I have faced in the music industry in the last 12 months whilst I’ve been recovering from mental health issues. I have needed that type of support in order to fulfill my career goals.”

“The support I received from the Helpline saved my life. I was headed for the morgue or a mental institution. Rehab was life changing and helped me recommit to my recovery with total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I feel much stronger now. I feel better even in the short time since rehab. Problems are still there but I have faith and support and strength in myself to cope with anything without using. Through rehab, I discovered CA which I am now a member of with a sponsor. Music Support continue to support me with regular check-in calls and invaluable support with moving on in my life. I will be eternally grateful for the help I’ve received.” 

“There is no doubt in my mind that without what you guys do I wouldn’t be here.”

Click here for information on Music Support’s Helpline and further resources.