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What is Music Support's
Family and Friends Service?

Thanks to a partnership with the Christopher Meredith Foundation, (CMF), established in memory of Christopher; an Agent, Festival Director and much-loved member of the live music circuit, Music Support is proud to launch our new Family and Friends Service, developing new programs to support UK music industry peers and their loved ones.

The Services include:

  • Family and Friends Helpline
  • Online resources and content
  • Family and Friends workshop focusing on addiction and co-dependency
  • Family and Friends peer support
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Who do Music Support Family and Friends help?

Music Support Family and Friends could be for you if you:

  • Are a family member or a friend affected by someone with addiction and or Mental ill-health. Family and friends include partners and colleagues.
  • Your family or friend works in the UK music industry. Crew members may also apply. 
  • You may also work in the UK music industry and are affected by a loved one’s addiction and/or mental health (please note though that you do not need to work in the industry yourself to avail of the service, you just need to be supporting someone who does)

    Below you will find further information, resources and links to complementary support services that we hope you will find useful.

To find out more about the services we offer.

Please contact us on 0800 030 6789 or use the form below

Addiction Information

Music Support believes that addiction is a family disease. The impact of addiction often sends a ripple effect which can severely impact family and friends.

Our mission is to offer support to family and friends (including colleagues) who are affected by a loved one’s addiction and mental ill-health.

Some common feelings and challenges when trying to support someone with an addiction:

  • You have money problems because of someone else’s drinking
  • You feel no one understands you
  • You feel hurt, embarrassed or distressed by their behaviour
  • You are worried about their substance use
  • You feel guilty when you think of the lengths you have gone to control them
  • You find yourself excusing their actions
  • You find yourself searching for their substances
  • You are ‘walking on eggshells’
  • You make threats, such as, “if you don’t stop using, I’ll leave you”
  • You prefer not to have visitors because of their behaviour
  • You have considered calling the Police because of their behaviour
  • You are hiding your feelings
  • You blame yourself, or others for the individual’s behaviour
  • You feel powerless

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Family and Friends Resources:

We have curated a selection of resources from books and articles to videos, guides and support groups to help support you and those around you.

Family and Friends Resources:

We have curated a selection of resources from books and articles to videos, guides and support groups to help support you and those around you.

Addiction is a complex illness that not only affects the person who is dependent; it also has a profound impact on their loved ones.

While they play a crucial role in supporting their loved ones, family and friends can often be overlooked with very limited support available to help them navigate the journey and look after their own wellbeing.

Adfam research (2019) found that 1 in 10 people in Great Britain is currently dealing with a friend or family member’s drinking, drug taking or gambling.

Music Support was established in 2016 by veterans of the Music Industry with lived experience of mental ill-health and/or addiction as a personal and confidential support service provider that understood the specific needs and challenges that exist within the industry.

The new services for family and friends will commence in Autumn 2023 and roll out over the next twelve months.

The Christopher Meredith Foundation’s partnership with Music Support will make a long-lasting impact on our crucial efforts, continuing to grow this essential area of support for family and friends.


George Levers, Music Support’s Head of Service Development and Delivery said of the partnership, “We have dreamed of the opportunity to provide funding to our beneficiaries who would otherwise struggle to access addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment; an area currently publicly underfunded with stretched resources. Thanks to The Christopher Meredith Foundation this dream has come true. Not only that, but we are incredibly excited that we can now extend our reach to the family and friends of those in need”.

Sadie Meredith, CMF Trustee, commented, “We were hugely impressed with the culture and ethos which drives Eric, George and the whole team at Music Support. The addiction services they provide are life changing for their donors and we are delighted to be partnering with them to enable them to scale and widen their reach.”

About Music Support:

Music Support is a registered UK charity that helps peers who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. Founded in 2016 by people from within the music industry, our team have all been impacted personally by these issues and seen friends, colleagues and heroes lose their careers, families and even their lives. Our core services include a confidential Helpline, managed by industry peers with lived experience, training in Mental Health First Aid and Addiction and Recovery Awareness to empower individuals to look after the wellbeing of their colleagues (and themselves), and ‘Safe Hubs’ backstage at festivals, providing a space for artists and crew to take time out and speak to Mental Health First Aid trained staff. Find out more about what we do here.

About The Christopher Meredith Foundation:

At the Christopher Meredith Foundation our aim is to partner with carefully selected, specialist charities and organisations within the music industry delivering critical services to those facing mental health challenges. Established in 2021 as a legacy and to honour the memory of Christopher, the CMF seeks to reflect Christopher’s unwavering commitment to, and belief in, the people within the music industry. As an Agent, Festival Director and much-loved member of the live music circuit, Christopher was driven to support the artists and music he cared so deeply about. The CMF acts as an enabler, providing funding to allow our partners to scale their operations and maximise the impact their services can deliver at an individual level. Removing stigmas around mental health and reaching people in crisis are at the forefront of our objectives, whilst helping to support a proactive industry wide culture which truly nurtures its talent and protects all the individuals within its eco systems.
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