As part of Addiction Awareness Week 2023, we’re really pleased to share this special interview that Music Support Trustee, Rachael Lander, has recorded with Dave ‘Sober Dave’ Wilson

Rachael joins Dave as his guest on his acclaimed ‘One for the Road’ podcast where he meets those who have made a decision to look at their relationship with alcohol and take steps towards a positive change.

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Rachael shares her story that begins with coming from a family of musicians that saw her start to play the cello at the age of eight. It quickly became an obsession and a way of gaining validation from her peers.  

She experienced terrible anxiety attacks from an early age, making her uncomfortable in her own skin. This eventually led to her turning to alcohol in her teen years as a form of escapism. By the time she was in music college she was using vodka to medicate her crippling anxiety.

Rachael spiralled into alcoholism and gave up playing cello, taking a huge toll on her mental and physical health. At the age of 23 she found herself in an AA meeting, wondering how it had come to this but not wanting to stop drinking…..

Rachael shares her inspirational journey to sobriety that has seen her go on to become an Internationally-acclaimed musician having played with everyone from London Grammar and Royal Blood to George Michael and Elton John. She is proud to be a Trustee of Music Support, using her platform to raise awareness and provide help and support to her industry peers.      

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About Sober Dave 

David Wilson – aka @Soberdave – has been making it his mission to support the sober community since his own ‘rediscovery’ began in 2019.

Never one to do things by halves, Dave launched his ‘One for the Road’ podcast in 2020, in which a diverse selection of inspirational guests have shared their own dysfunctional relationship with alcohol leading to sobriety. Dave has a huge community on Instagram, motivating and supporting those affected by alcohol dependence. Dave is also an accredited sobriety coach and now brings his grounded expertise in alcohol recovery to book form.

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The team at Music Support would like to say a HUGE thank you to Dave for helping us to raise awareness of our crucial efforts in supporting our industry peers.