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Daudi’s story explores a musician’s experience of living with bipolar, psychosis and depression. 

We are honoured to share this inspirational discussion with British-Ugandan singer-songwriter Daudi Matsiko. 

Daudi shares his story with George Levers, Music Support’s Head of Service Development & Delivery, from his first experience with depression at University to psychosis and an eventual bipolar diagnosis. He talks about the impact of therapy, music and how a strong family and friends support network has helped him to navigate his journey ‘creating a sense of safety where someone doesn’t feel shame.’

You can watch the full interview on our Youtube channel below.

*Please note that this interview is intended for viewers aged 18 and over and contains references to suicide and psychosis that some may find distressing.*

Further information and support 

Bipolar is a severe mental illness characterised by extreme mood swings and changes in energy levels. Someone with Bipolar can have long or short periods of stability but can then go ‘low’ (into deep depression) or ‘high’ (experiencing hypomania, mania or psychosis). 

According to Bipolar UK, 1 in 50 people in the UK have Bipolar and of those who do, 56% don’t have a diagnosis. 

For further information and support surrounding Bipolar, depression and psychosis we recommend the following organisations:

  • Bipolar UK – providing peer support services to empower people affected by bipolar to live well. 
  • Hearing Voices Network – for people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual percpetions 
  • Mind – Empowering people to understand their mental health and the choices available to help them

If you are impacted by any of the themes discussed in this interview or are concerned for a loved one, you can contact Music Support on our confidential Helpline, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm on 0800 030 6789. You can also email us on Find out more about our Helpline and Support Services here.

About Daudi

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ugandan singer-songwriter and guitarist Daudi Matsiko carefully crafts modern albeit reverent folk. Deft, melancholic picking, reminiscent of Nick Drake, is tempered by contemporary percussion and instrumentation, and Matsiko’s vocals derive their strength from their seeming fragility, a warble in notes that may or may not be intentional. With every song, his confessional lyrics cut to the marrow.
After releasing two independent EPs, ‘A Brief Introduction to Failure’ and ‘The Lingering Effects of Disconnection’, he signed to Naim Records and has toured with GoGo Penguin, Keaton Henson, Portico Quartet whilst also being a successful graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. He released his latest single ‘I am Grateful for My Friends’ in October 2023 and January 2024 will see the release of his much anticipated debut album ‘The King of Misery’ (available for pre-order here).
You can see Daudi play live at his headline show in Brighton at ALPHABET on 14th December. Purchase tickets here.
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About George 

George leads the delivery and development of Music Support’s frontline services supporting our beneficiaries. She has extensive experience working in music and live events, leading brand and artist partnerships at Live Nation and creative entertainment agency FRUKT. Understanding the complexities of mental health and addiction challenges has been a passion of hers for many years, having struggled with her own issues in her late teens – early 20s.

George is currently undertaking her first year of training, Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

The Music Support team would like to say a HUGE thank you to Daudi for taking the time to share his inspirational story with us.