Today, Friday 1st December 2023, we bid a fond farewell to our much-beloved Chief Executive, Eric Mtungwazi

Eric is moving on to pursue a career in Psychotherapy. We will miss him greatly but know he will excel in his new endeavours.

Of Eric’s departure, Music Support co-founder Andy Franks said….

“Eric, words will never be able to express our gratitude for the way you have taken Music Support from  the bunch of amateurs you found on your arrival, to the amazing place we are at today. You jumped in at the deep end, and swam all the way, through some very choppy waters, to deliver this incredible service we offer today. There were times when we were hanging by a thread, especially during the pandemic, but your kind, calm and stoic leadership got us through. You are an amazing man Eric, and you have become a friend to us all and a true leader. We will miss you more than you will know, but because of your wonderful example we will continue  to grow to the next level and beyond . Thank you Eric for everything. And best wishes for your future journey. 

With love and respect,


Music Support co-founder, Matt Thomas added….

“Eric has really done an extraordinary job putting up with me and Franksy for starters, but far more importantly in taking the rough diamond that was Music Support a few years into its inception, developing and growing it, and getting it to a place where we are delivering a wider variety of services than ever before, to more music industry and live entertainment people than ever before.

What I love the most is that throughout this Eric has kept the rough diamond principles of Music Support intact. No matter how professional and well-run it has become, it still retains the ethos of a personalised service started by a bunch of recovering drunks, addicts and sufferers of poor mental health who wanted to help others in the music industry and provide the support they wish they had received once upon a time.

Eric – thank you for all you’ve done. We’ll miss you. Loads of love, Matt” 

Please join us in wishing Eric all the very best with the next chapter.