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Why did you choose to raise funds for Music Support?

Earlier this year, I decided to release a song I wrote about my best friend who took his own life in 2013. Like with most artist releases, you get your finished assets together, submit your song, then play a show to promote it. Because of the subject matter, however, and the heavy weight that it carried in me, I felt like something was missing in the formula. 

The song was, in some ways, my own attempt at coping with his death, which was directly influenced by his struggles with alcohol and substance abuse (something which I’ve also struggled with myself). So when it came time to release, I wanted an opportunity to celebrate his life, but I also wanted to bring awareness to the complications of his passing.  
I had been introduced to Music Support by a close friend, and I immediately resonated with their mission statement and core principles.  I brainstormed a few ideas on how I could help contribute, which ended up being a charity benefit concert with local bands, a raffle and DJs, all in honour of my friend. I figured, what better way to give back than to help raise money for an organisation that helps those exactly like my friend CJ. 

Tell us more about your fundraiser

The fundraiser ended up being a truly incredible and special night. The team at Pelican House in Bethnal Green kindly offered their venue space in support of the cause, so we hired a PA and I reached out to some local bands to see if they wanted to do some stripped back or acoustic versions of songs.  

We added The Overland from New York/Arizona, and then Sunglasses For Jaws and Tempesst, both from East London. I also played some songs and covers (including the song about my friend CJ) under my project moniker Fast Money Music.  

I also reached out to local businesses and restaurants, and ended up having over 15 sponsors for either their services or donations to the raffle, everything from a Voodoo Rays pizza, to dinner at Del74, Frank Radio and Black Impulse DJs, visual projections from AMIANGELIKA, a tattoo from Electric Paintbrush, a haircut from Salt Salon, a tote bag care package from World of Echo, brunch at Brunswick East, a coffee box from Dark Arts, the list goes on! 

The performances were amazing as well. It was a great turnout in an intimate setting, and a unique way to hear artists do inspired renditions of their own music. Everything from the country acoustic of The Overland to the jazz/krautrock improv of SFJ, and the powerful acoustic ballads from Tempesst, everything really worked. 

How much did you raise?

Over £1k ! 

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