The Perfect Fifth….in music terms, a root note and five notes above it creating a perfect connection; some say the basis of harmony.

Since our inception in 2016, Music Support has provided help and support for those in or employed by the UK music industry affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. At the heart of Music Support and music is connection. We will celebrate our 5th birthday by bringing people together to form the perfect connection; the Perfect Fifth.

Here, we will share the stories of some of those whose lives we have impacted, celebrating five years of Music Support.

Cam reached out to Music Support when he was struggling to cope with drinking and the pressures of being on tour as a guitar and drum tech. He is now four years sober and thriving. This is his story….

Find out more about Music Support’s 5th birthday and how you can celebrate with us by hosting your very own Music Support Perfect Fifth fundraising party here.