Music Support met the challenge of service delivery during COVID times in a unique way this year.

As the situation unfolded and it looked less and less likely that we were going to be able to provide 12-step support group meetings backstage for touring crew at festivals, we brought the service in to the virtual world and established our very first online 12-step support group meetings.

Over the last nine months since the meeting commenced, we are proud to say we have hosted circa 27 people who have been seeking solace with other music industry people welcoming anyone who was a 12-step fellow. Each attendee came to the meeting at different stages of their recovery journey – with some visiting the meeting as their first and many celebrating milestones within in.

During this time, we have been witnessed to true connections between members and are grateful to everyone who came to the meeting to help create the special space that it provided.

Following the explosion of other online support group meetings coming to fruition this year, the meeting will conclude at the end of the year with view to reconvene in 2021 should the need arise.

Should you be looking for further online 12 step support, there are multiple options available:

Music Industry Specific

Further support for your 12-step journey which may include online support: