Record industry charity The BRIT Trust, which draws much of its funding from the annual BRIT Awards, have today announce a donation of £30,000 to Music Support.

The money will help us at a critical time when many people in the artist and music industry community are in urgent need of its help. It will also go towards our ambition of giving 10,000 people access to Thrive – an NHS-approved mental health app.

Matt Thomas, Chair of Trustees of Music Support, said:

“We are hugely grateful to The BRIT Trust, the BPI and the recorded music sector for their valued support when we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of vulnerable industry peers coming to us for help. Technology has provided a lifeline to many during the of Covid-19 emergency, and this timely funding will enable us to give thousands of people access to the Thrive app so that we can support their wellbeing and mental health.”

John Craig OBE, Chairman The BRIT Trust, said:

“The music ‘family’ can always be relied on to come together to help those in times of great need. The BRIT Trust was primarily founded to promote education and wellbeing through music, but it also recognises the vital importance of supporting mental health – in particular during this exceptionally challenging time for the artist and music creator community. We’ve supported this great charity since its inception and have a long relationship with Music Support’ and their innovative Thrive app helps to do just that.”

Find out more about Thrive here.