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What have our music and live events industry colleagues said of their experience of Music Support’s Mental Health First Aid training course?

'Attending this course was such a hugely supportive and informative experience. Instructors were so honest and knowledgeable. I felt safe and secure and able to explore the issues dealt with by the course as deeply as possible. Thank you.'
'Superb! Thank you so much to Norman for welcoming us so warmly into the sessions - putting me at great ease - and delivering the course so sensitively and knowledgeably. I leave feeling far more confident and equipped with vital skills to support myself and others. Also, I leave with a new group of friends who I'm sure these important conversations will continue with long into the future.'

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“Inspiring, comforting, and eye-opening. Hannah was a fantastic instructor in mental health first aid, immediately I felt that I was in a safe space ready to share and learn. This course has helped me to understand how to look after my own mental health, as well as being the first point of call for others, which is simply amazing. I felt an immediate community within the group taking this course, and along with the amount of knowledge I picked up, has left me wanting more. Delivered perfectly and I cannot wait to share my newfound knowledge, as well as recommend as many people as possible to this course. Thank you, Hannah and MHFA!” 

“I’ve gained so much from this course, but most importantly the fact that listening is key to supporting someone in recovery. I am a better and more mindful person for taking this course, thank you so much.” 

“This course was amazing, and Norman was such an inspirational and motivational course leader. It’s a course that I truly believe everyone should do as it’s so important. I really appreciated the ‘check-ins’ on participants in the course. We were a group from the music and events industry and the case studies had been adapted to be relevant to that which was an extremely helpful touch as it really helped me to consider scenarios that were similar to ones I have seen in the past and frequently. This course has not only helped me in my ability to support people’s mental health going forward but also my own and how to better look after myself (particularly when supporting others) Thank you very much”.

“Hannah was such a brilliant course leader, with so much insight and knowledge. She is so skilled, and genuinely the best workshop facilitator I have ever experienced – thank you! I didn’t want the course to end and I hope that we can all stay in touch and support each other going forward.” 

“I could not be more appreciative for my time on the MHFA course these last two weeks. I truly believe it to be a most wonderful and tremendously executed programme, empowering people with a priceless set of tools for better understanding ourselves and supporting others. Hannah was above and beyond as an instructor; exemplary, earnest and outstanding. The course structure, resources and materials were thorough and invaluable. I will carry the experience and knowledge with me every day and absolutely feel empowered to step in and assist anyone who needs support with their mental health as and when that should arise. Thank you so much Hannah and MHFA England!” 

“An absolutely fantastic course, very informative, learnt a huge amount”.

“I’d just like to say a big thank you again to Norman! He was a fantastic coach and due to his fab and friendly attitude we all settled quickly in the group and it created a lovely safe atmosphere for us to learn and communicate with each other. Being in my early 20s I have experienced myself mental health issues and seen my friends experience it too, so I’m so happy I took part in this course as moving forward I now feel so much more confident if there is a situation where I need to apply my MHFA training, Norman has inspired me a lot to learn more about mental ill health, so I can’t thank you enough! 🙂 Thank you so much!”

“Just to say a huge thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Norman who was a fantastic tutor. I really got so much out of the course and the materials were really informative. The way the whole thing was structured was really clear and I learned so much. Thanks again!”

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Music & Youth Worker

"During lockdown it has not always been possible to get the emotional support that I would normally get from friends."

“This course was great, so much information, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The knowledge and understanding it has given me as well as the confidence to offer support should the need arise is invaluable”

“Before the course I think I carried a lot of common stigmas regarding Mental Health issues and this course totally blew them away, I know now the differences between them and between people having a bad day and having mental health issues. I feel much more comfortable with talking about mental health as a whole, in the words I use and how I could offer advice. It has been an eye-opening course and it was a great way to learn about such under discussed topics”.

“This training is vital for all professionals in the workplace. I found the materials of a high and accessible standard and the tutor very informative and experienced to lead and respond to the group throughout the course. Thank you for the opportunity to develop my knowledge on Mental Health First Aid”.

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Label Manager, Limbo Records

"Learning about mental health is not something that you should ever stop educating yourself about."

 “Thoroughly presented and was easy to digest. Overall, the online platform worked well too. Superbly delivered and the pace was well suited. Having a small group worked well. Individual learning was definitely a key factor in helping support the daytime course. Many thanks”.

“This was one of the best courses I have attended. Norman Beecher was a great instructor, engaging and supportive, and I was lucky enough to be part of a very supportive group. I feel that I learned so much about mental health and wellbeing and this course has given me the confidence and tools to be able to make a difference to aid someone with mental health support. It has also made me aware that my own mental health and wellbeing is important too! I see this as the start of my mental health first aid journey and I look forward to my continuing learning. Thank you”.

“For me personally, I have already noticed a difference in how I communicate with people, actively listening and reading between the lines. Not only would I recommend this course to anyone interested in the subject, I would hope to see this course in all organisations to promote mental health knowledge and skills for everyone. Thank you again, Hannah.” 

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