Founding TRustees


Andy Franks

Andy Franks had a short musical career as a bass guitarist. Playing for a couple of years whilst slogging around the German military bases in the early 70’s. He had his 15 mins with the band The Wild Beasts – who achieved Bristol...


Matt Thomas

Matt has been working in the music industry since 1991. From then until 2007 he was in the major record labels, when he became an artist manager, co-managing a re-formed Squeeze and a variety of other artists. Squeeze was the constant throughout this period and their notorious... 



Melvin Benn

Managing Director, Festival Republic

"Music Support is a game changer for the industry and I truly believe that bringing the discussion about mental health, depression, drugs and alcohol into the light is benefiting our industry. The first step is reducing the taboo and being able to talk openly which is exactly why I now have Music Support safe tents at all my festivals."


Hugh Gadsdon

Music Publisher and Artist Manager

Hugh has been a Manager and Music Publisher for over 40 years.

Producers Langer Winstanley, Owen Morris, Charlie Andrew and the legendary British pop group Madness are just a few current stable mates under his management team.

“When Andy Franks first told me his plans to create Music Support, I was immediately struck by how crucial this safety net would be for so many.

Now a reality, Music Support is an essential sanctuary for everyone in our industry.”