In the UK, a lot of drink sizes are big. This means that we exceed the definition of a “standard drink” as far as this survey is concerned, since it was designed as a worldwide tool and some countries define a standard drink as significantly less than we do (surprise surprise!)

Taking this quiz we need to be aware of this and alter our answers accordingly.

As a rule of thumb “a standard drink” the UK, means one containing 8 grams of alcohol. This can be difficult to quantify as there are so many different sizes and strengths available.

Depending on the alcohol by volume (ABV) a typical pint of beer can be classed as one or two drinks, whilst a glass of wine can count as anything from around one and a half to three drinks, depending on the size of the glass and the strength of the wine.

A small pub measure spirits at 40% alcohol by volume counts as 1 drink.

The figure below can help identify a standard drink, where 1 unit = a standard drink.


THANK YOU to the World Health Organisation and The Audit Test, The alcohol use and identification test.
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