Johan brings more than fifteen years of experience in setting up and running treatment centres. He has also served as a clinical director at multiple centers around the world, including the Nour al Shorouk Centers in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Johan has launched and/or run several of the best-known residential facilities in the UK, including Life Works and Priory Farm Place. He currently provides consultancy services and interventions in Europe, Africa, the U.S., and the Middle East. He travels and networks internationally in a quest to find the newest and most effective approaches for any given population. Johan’s passion is the provision of comprehensive and top quality care using innovative and client-centered approaches. He has been an executive board member of C4 Recovery Solutions in the U.S. and a trustee for the Addiction Recovery Foundation in the UK. Johan qualified as an addiction counsellor in England in 1998. Johan now lives in London after spending the last five years between New York and Nashville.