Music Support has been an idea, and a necessary one, for a very long time.

Our industry is the perfect environment for the issues at hand to breed and thrive. We at Music Support all know too many people who have succumbed, and had their lives ruined, their careers destroyed, their families torn apart – or died, as a result.

We are all in recovery ourselves. Between us, we have probably had the conversation 1000 times – about how such a service was needed in the Music Industry and that we should get together and do it. Well intentioned, they were the sober equivalent of pub talk. All those great ideas that come after the 5th drink ….. filed under “one day” or “someone else will do it.”

Well – one day it happened. Perhaps it was after a piece of news about a colleague/friend who had fallen by the wayside, been fired, or died.

We realised that nobody was going to start this thing unless we did. And so we did.

Music Support is still in its infancy. We are a core of 6 like minded individuals from all areas of the Music Industry and our mission statement is very simple – to provide help, support, and paths to recovery for anyone in our industry who needs it.

We are 100% not-for-profit and are all volunteers. We are not affiliated with any provider or treatment center. We are totally independent. We are in the process of registering as a charity.

if you, or someone you know, has a problem or may have one, with alcoholism, addiction, emotional and mental health – then please fill in the contact form or call.

It could be the most important call you will ever make.